Friday, September 12, 2008

Thorey's Baby Shower

Here are a few photos from Thorey's baby shower.  I was lucky enough to be able to go since it was on the Saturday that we were in SoCal.  It was so much fun.  So many wonderful women came to show Thorey their support.  We had delicious food and a great time.  

I even won a shower game - the only shower game that I have EVER been good at.  It was a word scramble of baby related things.  I got 19 out of 20 right.  Horray for word scrambles...  :)  I also had a blast sitting next to Trena's mother and sister in laws.  Those Schulze ladies are great!  Once again Trena, thanks for marrying Aaron! :)

Trena, Katie and Thorey - the three Stier sisters:
Thyssen & Noni.  This is Katie's son.  He's a miniture version of Skippy and is just so adorable you want to nibble his cheeks off.
This is Thorey's belly, her hand, Katie's and Trena's.  
This was the most delicious cake made by a bakery that I have EVER tasted.  I am a huge fan of scratch cakes and this one totally tasted it.  Not to mention that it was super cute with sock monkey drawn in icing.

This is Thorey with her husband's grandma, Grandma Bauer.
Katie & Thorey.  Katie made this tutu for the sock monkey.  It was super cute!

These two are of Val and Thorey.  My favorite is the one where they are standing and you can see Thorey's belly.  I think they both look so great.
This is not from the baby shower but I really like it.  Thorey was sitting near the sliding glass door and the light was coming in on her.  I couldn't resist going over and snapping a few photos.  It turned silly very fast and I have some great blackmail photos of Thorey making faces!  Or at least something to show her daughter one day.


Trena said...

Love the pictures Jessica! You are such a good photographer. I'm so glad Ben married you!! :)

Pixie said...

Yay for that shower! That game I won was the ONLY one I've ever won I think. :) That cake was AWESOME and it was SO exciting to see you! :D

We're all glad Trena married Aaron too. (I'm glad I also got you in the deal as well. LOL)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love the one with the hands on the belly...

Hey I have MOMSHOTS.COM on my blog list but the feeder isn't picking up any of your new posts...I actually had to go into my google reader to search for it because your SUBSCRIBE button took me to a not found page...

It's probably me and my computer...but I wanted you to know that I love that site! :)

Leah Dozier said...

Thorey looks so beautiful! I love the black & white, that is such a Thorey face. I miss that girl!