Saturday, September 22, 2007


Here's another one. I' m sure I'll stop posting then one of these days. This is Uly's birth. I have all the birth information for both Uly & Gar written down but it is packed away. Next time we move (hopefully into our OWN house) I'll unpack them and write up a journal entry for each of their births. I did that for Magnus but didn't post it.

It's crazy to see how much they've grown and changed and yet are still the same.

I learn a little bit more each time I do a new page. I think the next thing I tackle are Uly and Gar's first birthdays. I'm sure I'll post them here too...
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Friday, September 21, 2007


This is my third layout, but I feel like it's really my second. My real second was just a page that has Mag's birth story on it. Nothing fancy.

So I'm looking at this and I think it looks kind of flat but I don' think it looks too bad for a beginner. I'm going to work on Uly's birth next.

edit... I think I'm going to change this one a bit. I want to switch the location of the before and after pictures, just kind of toggeling them. I think before needs to be at the top.
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

My First Scrap Book Page!!!


This is my first page. Ever. I did it! I'm sure I'll get better as time goes on, but it's going to be a fun learning process. I'm really having fun learning Photoshop.

The first of many.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm taking the plunge!

I've decided to stop playing the helpless female and start learning Photoshop. It's about time! I've been depending on Ben's knowledge of the program for years and I just can't do that anymore. Not that he's not dependable - he is. I just need to be able to depend on my own skills so that I am not limited to time, availability and interpretation. I'm excited.

I started going through 3dBuzz's VTMs last night. I learned some cool stuff and I've got a bunch more lessons to go through.

The goal: Be able to create digital scrapbooks for my children. I need to start creating baby books for them.

I am determined to make this happen.

Trena's fantastic SIL showed me a ton of links that are all digital scrapbooking based. I'm excited to wade through them all and learn, learn, learn!!!

I even downloaded my first "kit". That's a bunch of stuff put together that looks good and you can use it to make a page.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I wanna new house. Not just a new house to us, but a brand new house. I can't wait until we can buy one. I'm so tired of renting. I'm so tired of not being "home".

I wish we could get some one to just lend us the money. We're good for it. I promise. Credit reports are a just a game anyways. We just didn't know all the rules of the game when we were little kids. Now we know the rules but we're so far behind that it's going to take some time for us to catch up.

I want a new house!

That's me whining...