Saturday, September 06, 2008

Road Trip Photos

Here are a few photos from our road trip.  We had a great time and saw a lot of beautiful scenery.  I love being stuck in the car with my favorite people.  I think that is one of my all time favorite things.  Even thought the drive was super long - close to 3000 miles and nearly two full days of driving - it was still a blast.  This is a photo of Mt. Shasta, in Northern California.  It is through our bug smeared windshield.  A true road trip photo!
This is Gar standing on a bulldozer - or Scoop as he is called (The bulldozer, not Gar) at our house.  This was near Palmdale, CA.  We stopped for an emergency pee break and found this guy to climb on and the following Joshua Trees.

This is a really cool tree out in the Middle of Nowhere, California.  It is heavily laden with people's shoes.  We didn't contribute any shoes - just watered the tree in one of our emergency pee stops.  This is really half of the tree.  There are many more shoes here than what you are seeing.  It is one of those landmarks that we always see but had never stopped at.

This is another spot that we have driven through but never stopped - the Train Museum in Kelso, California.  Kelso used to be a little depot town on Route 66.  It now has the museum and this shell of a building.  And trains.  This used to be the post office and general store until the 1940's.  

If anyone has some extra money and wants to invest in a good little restaurant/deli, this would be a great place.  The museum used to have a lunch counter but they closed that in the 1960's.  We were there for maybe half an hour and there were about 20 cars that stopped there.  If they had a store that sold food, they would be raking it in.  I'll add that to my list of fun little businesses to own after I make it big...

Can we really have a road trip without photos of trains?  Not in our family.  Trains are our friends.  We all love them.

I have many more photos - photos from Thorey's baby shower, kids, family and even a farmer's market.  I will post those up here as soon as I can.

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Trena said...

That tree with the shoes is so bizarre. I love road trips!