Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love Sewing

I think I need to print this out and hang in my sewing area. I made it using a vintage sewing machine and the 2011 Pantone palette for women's fashion. It might be a good reminder.

If anyone wants a copy you can download a pdf here

Here is a knitting version for you, Cutzi. :)
I am having trouble with how it looks in Google Docs. The heart looks mottled to me which I can't understand because it doesn't look mottled on my computer. If you download it and it does look mottled to you, I can email you a copy that shouldn't look like that.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A New Year

I have really been so bad at blogging lately, it is not even funny! I pretty much gave up on MomShots. It ran its course. I'm kind of sad about it but I have way more pressing things on my brain.

My latest photography related project is a photo a day for a year. I did really well for the month of January and am excited to keep going. The goal is to help me learn to be more creative and be better at photography in general. It has been fun. Some days I have a harder time than others but I really see the benefit of keeping up with this massive project.

I am blogging each entry on the Active Artist Network. Which in itself is fun because it makes me feel like an actual artist instead of a person who just pretends to be, which is what I have always told people when they asked me if I was an artist. I like that.

The kids are growing so much. Ulysses just turned 7. We went to Pirate Island Pizza and had a little party with the McPhersons. It was fun and Uly enjoyed it. That's the important thing.

Ben's been really busy. They sold the Knights of Mayhem show to the National Geographic Channel and shooting is starting this week, I believe. He's not doing the shooting so he can work on other projects. There are other projects in the works and we are hoping and praying that something starts sending some cash our way because we are out of it again. That's the way of self employment, for now.

Ben and I are working hard on counting calories and exercising. We really want to make 2011 the year we lose our weight and get back in shape. It has been fun. Plus we are seeing progress. Ben's lost about 17 pounds and I, 16 since we first started. That's encouraging.

We had a houseful at Christmas and after. That was wonderful. We really miss living near our family. It is always fantastic when they visit. It's always much too short.

That's what is happening for now. Good stuff. Normal stuff. Not very eventful and that's good.

Here are a few photos from the past month or so.

Eva Marie and Great Grandma. They are both in their jammies and I'm sure Frannie would not like me to post this online because of that but I think it is just so sweet. I hope she'll forgive me if she ever sees it.

We have been spending a lot of time going out into the desert and going shooting. It is a favorite family pasttime and one that I am sure will continue to be a favorite for the rest of our lives. That's hard to avoid when you have four boys in your family! Here is Uly shooting the .22, which he is getting very good at. The whole using the sites to aim clicked last time we went and he shot five targets right in a row. That's my boy!

Mag dressed as a robot.

Uly & Gar sticking out their tongues and touching their noses.

Gar & Mag hugging. When Uly is at school, Gar & Mag can either be the best of friends... most days.

Ben & Gar. Dad's phone is the coolest. Aren't they handsome?

My favorite little pirate.

Eva Marie and her favorite toys.

More brotherly love; Ulysses & Garland.

Lavender licking Space Dust aka Cheeto cheese off her face.

Well that's about it. Of course there are a million more photos just dying to be put online but they probably won't ever see the light of day. That's what happens when momma is a photo taking fool!