Thursday, January 29, 2009

Countdown to 5... Day 2

I'm feeling all sentimental today. I was remembering what I was doing 5 years ago. I was working. I was working all day and even stayed late. I got home around 9 and ate dinner, watched TV and then decided to go to bed. Ben was working too. He and I were both working fools. Errr, he still is. He came home after midnight and I remember listening to him get dinner when all of sudden I hear a pop and my water broke. Anyway, I don't feel like recanting the entire story right now. Maybe tomorrow.
I have this wonderful little boy and he is turning this giant number tomorrow morning. I am so thankful to be entrusted to be his mother. I am truly blessed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We are giving these to Ulysses' classmates tomorrow at church. Can you believe he is in CTR 5 already? Hopefully some kids will show up and he can make some new friends!

I'm going through a weeklong shock.

Uly told me today that even when he is an adult he will still be my baby. He knows how to melt my heart!

Countdown to 5...

Uly is turning 5 years old on the 30th. That is only 6 days away. Yesterday Uly and I took some picture of him for his birthday. This is one that he and I both really like. As I go through and process them, I will post them here on this countdown to Uly's fifth birthday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Learning to Read

Uly just read this sentence. I am so proud of him sounding out these words and memorizing the others like "the" and "to". It took a long time but he tried and tried and tried and we didn't have to use the computer to sound it out. He sounded them all out on his own. I think this kid might be reading by the time he goes to Kindergarten.

I found this great website called It is a fantastic resource for learning how to read.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Song...

I may have posted this song previously.  I probably have posted this song previously.  I'm not going to check.  I love it so much it's worth sharing twice.  I can literally listen to this song 20 times in a row... and I have!

The thing that just gets me is that I lived in San Diego for 10 years and never heard of this guy. I wish I had. I would have loved to see him back when he was a small fish in a big pond.

***Edit*** So I didn't tell you who this is. How silly! This is Jason Mraz singing the song called "I'm Yours". It is off his album entitled "We Sing. We Dance. We Steel Things." I just bought a copy of the just song off of Amazon for $0.79. Cheaper than iTune by $.020!!! Yay, now I can finally put it on my iPod and listen to it over and over and over again to my little hearts content!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


One of the coolest things about our new house is the incredible view of Utah Valley.  We could live in a tent for all I care as long as we have a view like this one!

I wanted to participate in this SkyWatch Friday thing but I didn't unload the pictures of my camera in time.  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Fun

Just some winter photos for all y'all who don't live near by - which is pretty much all of y'all!

Uly & Gar sledding down our really, really steep driveway.

There is a green belt type trail next to our house.  We get to watch people run, walk dogs, ride horses and walk on the trail.  It is really fun to walk on.  We went for a walk yesterday and again today.  There is a really fun hill that the boys really enjoyed climbing up and then jumping and rolling down.

Uly and Gar love to eat snow.

Gar climbing the hill.

Mag is trying to climb the hill.  Uly and Gar are playing in the background.

Uly jumping off the top of the hill.

This is our house from the trail.  The windows upstairs are the living room/kitchen and dining area.  The windows downstairs are the master bedroom.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Funny Teeth

I didn't win that give away.  :(  Oh well, I'll just have to make my own!!!

Here's a little mosaic of some shots I took of Uly today wearing some funny teeth.  For your viewing pleasure.