Monday, September 08, 2008

Curly Headed Little Boy

Gar_Hair bw

Just my sweet little Gar-Gar.  I sure love that curly headed little boy!!!

I just entered this photo in a weekly photo contest from the Digital Photography School.  The assignment is called Contre-Jour which basically means a photo that has light in the background/is backlit.  I don't think this really fits the assignment but it is the closest one I had in the alloted time frame.


kristina said...

I love his curls!!!! I love all the photos of your trip! that shoe tree is hillarious!! and the alphabet pages you are making are so great! Bella is making one of those in her school too so i am excited to get some fun shots of things!! we need to get together, Bella keeps asking to play with Uly!

Shelle said...

I love, love that photo...and his curls are going to be a heartbreaker for the girls when he get older! :)

So beautiful...I'm all about swapping secrets...but seriously your pics are incredible...good job! :)

Trena said...

I love those curls. Great shot Jessica.