Friday, December 14, 2007

Busy Elves

My three little guys...

So today was busy and lots of fun. I worked for a couple of hours this morning. We had a company meeting where we discussed these personality tests we had to take. It was interesting. Kind of. I learned some things about myself and my family members.

After that, I piled the kids in the car and went to Ikea with a couple of friends and their kids. We put all the kids in Ikea's child play area and walked around for an hour with just the babies. Then we heard our names being called on the loud speakers telling us to come back to the play area. Upon walking back, we were taking bets on whose kid would be the problem child. It was mine. It was Gar. He had gone into the bathroom and taken off his pants and couldn't put them back on. The girls there legally can't help with that kind of thing so I was called to help him. Basically he was in the bathroom sans pants and was playing with the toilet paper. I came and helped him put his clothes back on and then he decided he didn't want to stay and play so he came with me. It was way past lunch and naptime anyway.

We went to the dining area and got some Swedish meatballs for a snack. When we were done eating it was time to pick up the older kids. So we got them and piled Uly, Jay Jay and Amelia (all 3 years old) in a shopping cart and went back out into the wilds of Ikea. We got some good shopping done and I was able to check some Christmas items off my mental list. When we were finally finished with Ikea we headed home, exhausted.

By this time it had started to snow so traffic was slow and I got home around 6:30. My babysitter was supposed to be there at 6:15 and I had missed her. So I went and got her and then left to go to my Mom's Night Out dinner at the best little Italian restaurant in Provo called Gloria's Little Italy. YUMMMMM!!!!! It was really fun and yummy.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Magnus Flipped Over

I'm documenting that Magnus flipped from his back to his tummy today for the first time. Around 10:30am...

He's getting so big!!!

This is an edit on 12/04/07. I was told that I'm not allowed to make posts without photos anymore... We'll see... Anyway, I got some really cute pictures of Mag playing and rolling over.

I also have proof that I threw my diet out the window in favor of Christmas Cheer. Cheer = Sanity on some days. Uly is a great help in the kitchen. Here he is helping me make our experiemental Sour Cream Sugar Cookies out of whole wheat flour (that was the experiment part). They turned out great and we had a lot of fun.

Is that irony? I was uploading the photos but it kept timing out. I'll upload them later. I'm trying to get some work done right now. Ciao! jgs

In honor of our first real snow and the stark contrast of Southern California (from which we moved one year ago this weekend) here is another scrapbook page. We woke up and there was about 8 or so inches being dumped on us. It was a blast.
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