Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eva Marie Ann

Sunday the 18th, was the day that Ben gave Eva Marie Ann Stier her baby blessing. It was a beautifully warm summer day filled with many family and friends. We had a wonderful time celebrating this new little member of our family. Ben did a great job with the blessing (like usual - he's a pro!). Sacrament meeting was especially nice as well. There was a return missionary speaking and he had some really great things to say.

A few hi-lights from his talk were that people in Brazil use the word Blessing instead of how we use the word Luck. So instead of saying how lucky we are to have this wonderful new baby in our lives, I would say how blessed we are to have her in our lives. I really like this and am going to try to abolish the word Luck from my vocabulary and use Bless instead.

Another comment that he made was about the Plan of Salvation. He said that each of us has our own Plan of Salvation to return to our Heavenly Father. It is an individualized plan formulated for our individual needs and experiences. I liked how he put that because it really centers around the fact that Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us individually.

After the great Sacrament Meeting we returned to our house and proceeded to eat a fantastic spread. BBQ pork, BBQ baked beans, coleslaw, rolls, smoked salmon, pasta salad, potato salad, pickled beets and cucumbers made by Aunt Pam and a few dessert breads. Then we had a super yummy carrot cake and homemade strawberry ice cream. So yummy!!!!!!! Everything was just delicious.

Here are a few photos of Eva Marie on her big day.

Eva Marie with Papa.

With Great Grandma Allen. It was such a blessing that she could be there for this special day. The circumstances of her being in Utah were not so happy as she was down for her sister's funeral but we were happy to have her with us on Sunday.

The little princess in her beautiful dress.

With me.

Hanging with daddy.


Trena said...

Oh my gosh Jessica! She is just the most beautiful baby. I'm so sad I missed her blessing. It breaks my heart! What a wonderful day and Ben does give the most beautiful blessings. I hope to see you guys soon!

Thorey said...

Ummmm -- your hair looks freakin' awesome! I LOVE LOVE it. Where did all those blond highlights come from? Oh, probably from Oleah. :) Eva Marie is also gorgeous. She and Winnie look so much alike, it's crazy. I can't wait for them to play together!! I love and miss all of you!!