Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Diet Schmiet!

Making this delicious coffee cake with Number 1 Helper, Magnus and enjoying gobbling it up with all my boys was a whole lot more fun than sticking to my diet.

Since I can't just cook a recipe the way it is written out, I had to add a bit of quick cooking oats an extra egg and a 1/2 Cup of dry milk. Next time I make it, I want to add a dollop (maybe 1/4 Cup) of applesauce. It was a tiny bit on the dry side. Just a tiny bit. But oh so yummy!


Ali said...

I think that's awesome. We went to the Bean Museum today. It was fun. We miss you guys. We need to plan a get together. Ashlyn has no more of that skin stuff either. Derm says she's free and case you were worried. :)

See you soon.

Trena said...

Looks amazing! I'm totally going to make it. I can't believe how big Mag looks.