Thursday, January 29, 2009

Countdown to 5... Day 2

I'm feeling all sentimental today. I was remembering what I was doing 5 years ago. I was working. I was working all day and even stayed late. I got home around 9 and ate dinner, watched TV and then decided to go to bed. Ben was working too. He and I were both working fools. Errr, he still is. He came home after midnight and I remember listening to him get dinner when all of sudden I hear a pop and my water broke. Anyway, I don't feel like recanting the entire story right now. Maybe tomorrow.
I have this wonderful little boy and he is turning this giant number tomorrow morning. I am so thankful to be entrusted to be his mother. I am truly blessed.


Tye Durbin said...

Hey Jess, I have a favor to ask!

Will you do me a favor and send me one of each of your favorite photos, for each day of his birthday count-down?

I have an idea running through my brain, so I want to use you as my guinea pig :D You will be pleasantly surprised I PROMISE!

send it to gmail please! ~TYE

Janet said...

The chalkboard picture is priceless! He's going to get such a kick out of it when he's grown up. What concentration!

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday to Uly! I hope his party goes well today :)

kristina said...

happy late birthday Uly! I can't believe he is five! that means mine will be five this year too! oh my goodness, time flyes! miss you guys!