Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Beautiful Grandma

I wish I had a digital copy of a picture of my grandma Allen (my dad's mom) when she was young.  I don't think I have any, actually.  She was such a beauty.  She still is such a beauty.  I hope I age half as gracefully as she has.

I was going through some shots from this summer's reunion in Moab, UT and found these two shots.  I hope I can get some better shots of her this summer in Idaho.




Trena said...

She's beautiful! And that little guy on her lap isn't too bad himself!! Where the post about Uly's b-day party? I want to see some pics of that!

heather said...

What a beautiful woman. I hope to be like that one day. You can just SEE that she is GOOD.

kristina said...

oh I love these Jesse! it brought back some great memories! I am so excited for the fam reunion this year!! miss you guys!

Katie said...

I can totally see your dad in her! And you!