Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Fun

Just some winter photos for all y'all who don't live near by - which is pretty much all of y'all!

Uly & Gar sledding down our really, really steep driveway.

There is a green belt type trail next to our house.  We get to watch people run, walk dogs, ride horses and walk on the trail.  It is really fun to walk on.  We went for a walk yesterday and again today.  There is a really fun hill that the boys really enjoyed climbing up and then jumping and rolling down.

Uly and Gar love to eat snow.

Gar climbing the hill.

Mag is trying to climb the hill.  Uly and Gar are playing in the background.

Uly jumping off the top of the hill.

This is our house from the trail.  The windows upstairs are the living room/kitchen and dining area.  The windows downstairs are the master bedroom.


Valentina said...

I want to come! I want to play in the snow! I want a view of the valley! boohoohooo...

Trena said...

I miss your boys SO much! Especially that baby Mag! What fun to have this winter wonderland right outside your awesome house! So glad you posted a picture of it.

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