Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quick Doughnuts

My friend Cutzi showed me this site the other day.  It is full of great kid friendly ideas.  One of the ideas was to make doughnuts from those pre-made biscuits.  I happened to have a package in my fridge (very rare for me) and decided to do this with the boys.  We had a really good time making them and they had an awesome time eating them, too.

I had excellent self control.  You would have been so proud of me!!!


Cutzi said...

ooooohhhhh... I'm so glad you tried these - they looked yummy. It's a fun blog for good crafty ideas. I've made the pop-up pancakes a couple times and everyone has loved them.

Marie said...

Great job on the donut self-control. I have none of it when it comes to these! Thanks for the link and I'm happy they turned out so well.

Trena said...

Yum! Aaron learned how to make awesome donuts on his mission because they don't have donuts in Uruguay. He said that he never craved a donut so much in his life. He should make them for us one day!