Saturday, August 09, 2008

Delphinium Faux Watercolor

Purple Delphinium Watercolor
I was playing with a photo in Photoshop and this is my result.  I took this picture of a delphinium growing in my mom's garden when we were up visiting in July.  I was wishing I could print this out on watercolor paper and hang it up or make greeting cards out of it.  I think that would be fun.  Maybe I will make that a goal - to make a series of greeting cards out of photos.  Anyway, the inspiration came from  Pioneer Woman's photography section.  

 I think I'm going to make a little post about this on Momshots so if you're one of the two readers I have, this will seem familiar.  Sorry, I'm feeling a bit sarcastic right now.  :)

I guess I'm dedicating this photo to my mom.  It makes me think of her and how much I love her.  She is a woman of many talents and growing a beautiful garden is one of them.


Jewels said...

Hi Jessica- Thanks for visiting my blog! You have some great photos over here - and great subjects - your boys and the West. I love the PW website too. I'll be back.

Trena said...

I love it! That looks so awesome. You should print and frame it. I love your mom too. She's so homey to me. If that even makes sense. :)