Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cute Boys

Ben located the USB cable for my little camera and so I downloaded all the images.  It was holding like three months worth of images - so many that my card was full.  It was like having a time machine getting to look at all the pictures.

Here are a few adorable ones:
This is a shot of all the Stier boys except for Mag.  From left to right: Garland, Owen, Sam, Ulysses.  Sam and Owen are Ben's brother Chris's sons.  We were lucky to have them at our house for Owen's 4th birthday and for Easter.  It was really fun.  We love having them here.  We wish we didn't live so far away!!!

This is what Gar did for a while.  He refused to use the little toilet or the insert toilet seat.  He'd just stick his bum down into the bowl.  It was pretty cute.  He's pretty cute.

This one is more proof of just how cute Gar is.  He's all snugly with a blanket (knitted by Auntie Olea as a present to baby Gar) and a juice cup.  To this boy, this the image of true happiness.


Valentina said...

Ok, I just caught up with your web site and now I'm crying. I miss those boys! Love, Val

Anonymous said...

Ok, that may be the cutest picture I have EVER seen. I hope my kiddies are even a fraction of that beautiful... well done, you two! (Miss you). Love, Hannah

Trena said...

I can't believe all those boys fit in the tub! They are all so adorable. I love the one with Gar going to the bathroom. Remember the picture I have of Uly going to the bathroom reading that HUGE Spongbob book? That was so funny. I miss your kids Jess, and you too.

Rachael said...

Oh I laughed so hard at that one of Gar on the potty! Classic!

Anonymous said...