Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Camera Question...

You may have noticed my recent photos. Brace yourself because there will be many, many more. I'm on a huge photographic binge right now. I'm trying to learn how to use a "real" camera and at the same time trying to learn composition and all the other challenges that make a snapshot art instead of just a snapshot.

I have two cameras, but the images you've seen recently are from a Nikon D100. It is a digital SLR and in 2002 it was the awesomest (I am aware that this is not a real word) camera around. It is now 2008 and after going to a class at my local camera shop on how to use an SLR, I realize that it still is a totally awesome camera.

Ben got it when he worked at Bizee Boys. He used it to take product shots of items such as the Abenergizer.
He has lovingly handed it over to me. He even refers to it as "my" camera (as in Jessica's camera, not Ben's... Did that confuse?).

The other camera I have is a great little point and shoot called a Nikon Coolpix 3500. However it's been dropped a few times and doesn't have a lens cover thingy anymore. It's really more like Uly's camera. He has used it more than I have recently. He takes some amazing photographs with it. I really like to give him the camera and see what he sees. However, the current problem with this camera is that I don't have any way to get the images off of it. Long ago I lost the USB cable. Supposedly it is in one of our bins of cables, but that's more like a black hole. I had a card reader on my computer but it recently just stopped working. It was from Circuit City. Maybe that's why they went out of business... So, until I get a new card reader, I can only remove images from the SLR and that's more fun for me to use right now anyway. So that's what you get.

So that's the longish short version of the camera story.


Katie said...

You've always been a better-than- average picture taker.. you've got that artistic eye.. or eyes, since you have two of them, I guess. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I always like your pics and they always have an artsy flair that seems to capture a little bit more than the moment.

Jessica Stier said...

Thanks, Katie! That's really nice of you to say. I feel that I really struggle with the artist eye aspect of taking photos. I am really trying to focus on that. Other than sewing, I have ever really spent any time developing my ability to express myself visually. I think this is my time for that. Whether I am doing that or not, I am enjoying it and I guess that's the most important thing!

Trena said...

Yes - I agree with Katie. You have an artistic flare (with basically everything) but for sure your pictures. I really like the way they look - they have like a soft feel to them or something. I'm not sure if that makes any sense.

Pixie said...

You should have just heard the sigh of jealousy that just escaped my mouth. LOL Katie is right though... an awesome camera does not make a good photographer. But it does majorly enhance a true talent. ;)

Can you send me a lock of hair? Maybe I can extract some of that gift of yours. :)