Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Uly & Gar eating Green River watermelon in Moab, UT.

My cute mom.

Uly on a boulder in Moab, UT.

My daddy.

We went to Moab for a Walker family reunion this past weekend. It was a blast. My Walker relatives have always been a mystery to me. My dad's dad died when my dad was 2. My grandma remarried and ended up moving away from that area. I had heard stories about my dad's cousins but this was the first time I'd really ever met them (with the exception of his cousin Ron, whom I had met in SoCal once). So I met a ton of relatives I had never met before and saw some beautiful scenery. My dad's cousin Jimmy has two daughters - Tammy and Sherry. They are about my age, maybe a little older. They are really nice. I'm looking forward to seeing them next year at the reunion.

We stayed in Green River, about 40 minutes away, because there was a bike marathon scheduled for Sunday. That meant that all the hotels were pricey and booked. We couldn't even get a room for Saturday night. We are planning on going next year and making a long weekend of it, with some planning. We want to go to the Arches National Park and play around the Moab area. We could see the Arches way off in the distance from the road but didn't have time to stop and check them out.
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Trena said...

Jesse, I love your parents. How fun that you have been spending so much time with them lately! By the way, Uly looks HUGE in that picture. He looks like a 6 year old! I miss him...

The Andersens Four said...

I miss your kids!! - and you and ben.... How cool to meet that side of the fam! We're coming to UT around Dec. 17th for a few days, like last year.. are you guys gonna be home?