Monday, October 01, 2007

Early Morning Exercise

I woke up super early this morning and went to a Jazzercise Step Aerobics class. It was super fun and it totally kicked my butt! But I'll be back on Wednesday. It's three days a week and it's so early the sun was just coming up as I was leaving.

I'm really excited about it. It is a great opportunity for me to have some scheduled time to exercise. I think this will really help me get healthy.

Here's to Health!!!


Trena said...

Yay! Thorey, Katie and I have been trying to get back on the wagon again with exercise and eating healthy! It's so hard, but I know we all can do it!! Good luck to you Jess!

Cutzi said...

So you know I totally want to hear all about your first week at Jazzercise! Any favorite songs yet? I LOVE that you're going! I hope you LOVE it too! ;-)