Monday, September 13, 2010

The Simple Woman's Day Book: September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010.

Outside my window...
Is a wonderful view of the mountains of Pleasant Grove. I can see the G monument on Little Mountain. We climbed the mountain yesterday and almost made it all the way to the top. It was a lot of fun but kind of scary coming down.
I am thinking... About trying to be organized and motivated. Trying to find the time to create, rest, clean and give all my babies the attention and love they need.
I am thankful for... A husband who follows his dreams. I am thankful for happy children.
From the learning rooms... We need to begin our preschool activities. I am going to try to help Gar with one workbook page today, read Gar and Mag a story and go for an exploring walk.
From the kitchen... We ate a couple of delicious peaches and one super yummy pear for breakfast. Mag and I picked them off the ground as we walked home from taking Uly to the bus stop. I am thinking of trying to germinate the seeds and put them in pots. They have to sit in the fridge for a few months so I don't know if I will remember or if I will lose interest. But oh so yummy! Also, Gar and Mag were pretending that they were frogs. They each had a bowl of flies in milk for breakfast (coco pebbles). It was fun. I love the imagination in these little heads!
I am wearing... Comfy clothes; maternity knit pants that I cut off the extra waist fabric, a magenta t-shirt (that was a long sleeve shirt yesterday until I cut of the long sleeves) and a magenta and red striped hoodie sweater. My Chocos too.
I am creating... I have a list of sewing projects that I want to complete this week. It includes three skirts and an apron with matching pot holders. I copied the pattern of Olea's Korean apron and am making it out of an old cream with red paisleys sheet. I want to make matching pot holders and give them to Olea for a house warming present. I also want to make a Halloween wreath for my front door or wall. You take a picture frame, put some dried twigs in it and paint it all black. Then hang it with a black ribbon. I need to make it. I have been thinking about it for about two weeks.
I am reading... The Art of Homemaking by Daryl V. Hoole. So good! So inspirational. I need to buy my own copy of this book so I can give it back to my sister in law, Katie.
I am hoping... To lose a few more pounds by the end of the week. I am planning on running every day this week and also punching the bag and doing some other exercises every day, Monday through Friday. I am almost out of this pants size and would like to just hurry up and cross over the size threshold!
I am hearing... SuperWhy on PBS. It's a great kids show. I like it and Gar and Mag seem to like it too.
Around the house... The house is mostly in order. I need to go around and pick things up, do the dishes and take care of a mountain of clean clothes. I love washing clothes but HATE folding and putting them away. It's so tedious.
One of my favorite things... Is snuggling with my new baby. Babies are the best snugglers in the world. It also helps that they are so cute!
A few plans for the rest of the week... Sewing. Folding. Exercising.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... These are pickles I made last week. I still need to figure out what to do with a giant zucchini I have. Should I make relish? Should I just grate up and freeze? Probably freeze. Maybe I will make half a batch of relish too. I don't know.


Janet said...

Pickles look great!!!!! Don't wait too long to bust into them. 2 weeks and they're ready to eat!

kristina said...

your so inspiring! I love this post!

Cutzi said...

Please do post a picture of the wreath when you're done. I'd love to see it - sounds cool!

Also - thanks for the reminder about the book. I'm going to see if they have it at the library.

Ali said...

I made lots of zucchini bread. :) Hope you are doing well!