Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four Months

Eva Marie is growing up so fast. She's laughing, cooing, grabbing her toes and is such a joy to our family. She is a fantastic sleeper and can actually sleep in her own bed (unlike some certain brothers of hers). She wakes up at night to be fed around 5 in the morning but goes right back to sleep and stays that way until about 9:30. She could not possibly be a better baby.










megan starkenburg said...

Oh my goodness Jessica! She is adorable. Lucky you on the sleep situation! I'm jealous.

Thorey said...

I want to hold her so badly! She is so super cute, it kills me. I can't wait to see her again!!!

Trena said...

I LOVE her!! She is so adorable. You deserve a good baby Jessica. Can she teach Milo some tricks?? :) Love you!

Janet said...

So totally cute!!! Looks like all your boys and you rolled up in one girlie!!!!

Ali said...

You are so good at taking pictures. :) I love it. She is sure growing fast!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! Thanks for following my blog! ;)

kristina said...

she is so sweet I love these photos!!