Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Song of the Day - Count Your Blessings

Last night I had a mini melt down. Throughout the night I was woken up by every single member of my family, often multiple times. This morning Magnus reached up onto the counter and pulled a really hot bowl of porridge down onto his foot and burnt himself; blisters and all. Everything that can go wrong, seems to be going that way. I haven't been all that happy with my lot these last 24 hours.

On a Google search for instructions to make fabric pumpkins, I randomly went to a blog this morning that I had never visited before. Her first post was about counting your blessings. She had a few YouTube videos with different renditions of this wonderful song. Already one of my favorites, today this is my Song of the Day.

This is my favorite version, a ragtime rendition sung by a Swedish Salvation Army choir. It's just fantastic!

When you pray for help, it can come from random places.


Katie said...

I needed that, Jess! Thanks!

Olea said...

awesome! I really needed that too. Thanks

Janet said...

WOW! What a great way to start the day!!!! Thanks! Sorry to hear about Mag's burn, BUT maybe this is the thing he needs to stop him from doing that. Something needs to slow him down a bit with the grabbing off the counter tendency! And the best thing is that it wasn't Momma smackin' him! I always secretly loved those "natural consequences" accidents...of course, if they weren't too wounding!!!!!!! Sometimes as a Momma ya just gotta let it happen!