Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is Your Birthday! Well it's My Birthday too!

Today is Garland and Magnus' birthday. Gar is 4 and Mag is 2. They are growing up so fast and are such a joy and a blessing that they are in our family. They are wonderful boys.

We celebrated Gar's birthday last weekend when Ben's parents Val & Jim where here. Gar got a Spiderman costume and has pretty much been wearing it non-stop since. He loves it!

Watch out because he'll shoot his webs at you! He is a good aim!!!
Mag's birthday was celebrated a few days ago. He received a life size Brum pedal car. If you don't know Brum you can watch an episode here. It's his favorite.

So we are currently waiting and hoping Olea will have her baby today. It would be fun to have another birthday today. We'll see. There is still 12 hours left in this day!

While we have been waiting for the baby to be born, Olea, my mom and I have been preserving food. I guess that's what Walker women do when we get together. Some women go shopping. We can. My mom brought down a pressure cooker (THANKS! Uncle Jim & Aunt Carol!!!) with her and we made a big batch of chili and canned it up. We learned how to use the pressure cooker and it was not as scary or as hard as I thought it would be. Here are a few jars of chili sitting on the counter waiting their turn to get cooked.

I thought i would end this post with a cute picture. Here is Papa (Jim) and Mag both laughing.

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Trena said...

So cute! Your boys are looking so big. I'm jealous of your canning skills. I'm totally afraid of the pressure cooker! You'll have to talk me through using one, one day.