Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mag and the Pudding...

The other night Ben was feeding the boys dinner. For dessert I had made them some chocolate pudding.

Mag was the first one done and so Ben put a nice glo
p of pudding on a paper plate and gave it to him. When he saw it, he started screaming, "Nooooo!!! Yucky!!! Nooooo!!!!"

Ben tried to force him into trying it and he just screamed louder and squirmed all the more; seriously freaking out.

Bewildered, Ben took it away from him and he instantly calmed down. Then Ben dished Gar & Uly their helpings and handed it to the boys. The older boys instantly started digging in and saying how yummy it was.

As Mag watched this he realized it was a treat and that chocolate pudding was something he might enjoy. He started asking for some and so Ben gave his plate back to him. He proceeded to eat and enjoy it.

Later that night, Ben and I were talking about what happened. We realized that the only brown goopy thing that Mag has ever seen in his short little life, is poop. We came to the decision that Magnus was convinced that his daddy was trying to feed him poop.

We can take sweet comfort in the knowledge that our baby won't accidently ingest any fecal matter in the near future!

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