Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have been neglecting all my blogs lately. I've kind of been in an uninspired funk. Whatever. One day it will end. Life will go on.

It's stupid because I have no reason to feel blah. I've got these beautiful little boys that inspire and delight me at every turn. I just can't seem to shake it though. It's been going on for a while - a few months at least. I still take a million pictures but I just don't feel like spending any time on my computer editing or posting them.

Anyway, whatever... This is not a plea for sympathy post. It's just a fact stating post.

Maybe if I had a new camera... (cough! D90 cough! cough) hehehe

I do have some great new-ish shots to share. Here are a few of my niece Margaret - Trena & Aaron's beautiful baby girl. I finally edited a few of them. I had some camera trouble when I was shooting Maggie's photos so I didn't get as many as I would have liked. However, I think a few of them turned out nicely.


Trena said...

LOVE IT JESS! So cute, I love the naked fanny!! You are so talented!

Jessica Stier said...

One of these days I'll print them out and send them to you. Hopefully before she's 18...

kristina said...

wow! Jessie these are fantastic!!

Katie said...

I LOVE Maggie in the basket!!! And you captured her smiling- so cute!

The Senior pics tuend out great, too. I remember you telling me about doing those. I'm sure she is really happy with them.