Friday, June 06, 2008

Share and Share Alike

So Trena and Meghan's posts about music made me want to hear what you listen to.  Anyone want to share their favorite Pandora stations?  I want to hear your favorite station.  Send a share link to me at and then I will send one to you with my current fav station.

Deal?  Do it now...  :)


Janet said...

Jess ! My new favs are the Lennerockers !!!! A German/Croatian Rockabilly band. They are soooo good! Found them on the Rockabilly station. We heard an interview with them and they said the drummer they travel with is not really their drummer, but they use him because their real drummer can't leave Croatia! I'd listen to anything they play. They are very, very good muscians.

Trena said...

I will do it! But I have to be home at my computer. :)