Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Weekend

So we had a blast last weekend - in fact, we're pretty much having a blast every single day.  When Ben is out of work, it's always hard on the pocket book but extremely good in the family camaraderie department.  We love having Daddy home!

These are a few photos from last weekend; Art City Days parade, Orem Summerfest parade, and a Fathers' Day picnic.

Waiting for the Springville parade to start:

Waving to the parade people:

Gar picking up candy in the street:

Uly's hand with a piece of booty:

Mag's most recent trick.  He's excellent at clapping. 
Question:  How do you know he's the third kid?  
Answer:  When he starts licking soda off the ground, mom grabs the camera instead of picking up.

This is baby Olea, nicknamed Coke.  Not because of anything to do with these photos.  Really.  
Kristina, I have more of these.  Too many to email so I'll burn you a disk.


Kristina said...

i love all these photos! you are such a pro now!! we have been having so much fun with you guys!!!

Rachel J. said...

Whoa, check out Ben's silvering hair!!!
I see he even got rid of the "Mr. sensitive ponytail look" too, good for him.
Babies and diet coke...not a party I wanna be at (if I am the parent that is)...entertaining enough to watch/hard to handle.
Tell that little girl to listen to what Nancy Regan says and "just say no"!
I like your "how do you know if a kid is the 3rd child...?" remark. So true! Dirty faces and only wearing one shoe are also tell tale signs of this birth order.

Jessica Stier said...

I guess I should have mentioned in my post that Coke's Coke can was empty. She's not a little Coke addict. ;) She's the cutest little Coke around.

Thanks for your complement, Kristina! I'm pretty sure they won't be holding back any of my photos at Walmart.... yet. You know, I'm totally in awe of that.

Rachel J. said...

Did Benji actually cut off the p-tail? Looking closer at the pict, I cannot for sure tell? If so, please mail to my home address for my weave. Hey, who says a white girl can't bump the extensionz?!
Glad to know the cutie toddler girl was not slowly taking years off of her heart. Pheeew!

Jessica Stier said...

Actually, Ben hasn't had the pone for over a year now. I think he cut it last April 2007. It looks good. He's got great hair.
Every time I type the word great, I hear Tony the Tiger in my head saying grrrrrreeeeaaat! With his finger shooting into the air.

I am a product of marketing...

Valentina said...

The GRRRREAT thing about your blogs, Jess, is that you actually change them and add to them, unlike your sister-in-laws that seems to have the same blog week after week. How can a grandmother keep up if the mother's don't post on the blogs??

Katie said...

those are GREAT shots, Jess! Are you guys coming down or what??

Jessica Stier said...

Thanks, Katie (and Val).
As for coming down, all I know is we didn't leave today... I'm not sure what we're doing. Every day is an adventure.

Rachel J. said...

I like to type it like:
Cute right?

I would agree you are a product of marketing. Them gingles are so used to drive us all nuts with your singing of : "Subway...Eat fresh!!!" over and over and "Icy cool flavor...Icy cool breath!!! That lasts and lasts and lasts"...Ben helped with that one too.
u silly!
Still waiting for my weave...

Rachel J. said...

hey lemme know what you think of my latest post on "the undefeated...", I had my fellow-mommy friends in mind. Been learning a lot the past few days, I have.

Rachael said...

Mag licking soda off of the cement just cracked me up!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Hilarious!!! Or how do you know that the kid's mom is a blogger? She grabs the camera instead of.... (fill in the blank)