Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Blessing

So we went to beautiful Palm Springs for Christmas. We had a fantastic time visiting with our family and eating great food. Food, Folks and Fun. That's how we roll. We're pretty rolly too so are very excited for this new year and our fitness and health goals.

We have a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition where we have a delicious dinner then we have a little program. Noni read the Nativity story from book of Luke. This is the first year where the kids are old enough to act out the story. We dressed them all up and and they acted out the story (as well as a handful of 3 year olds and one 5 year old can). Here is a picture of Magnus in the manger as Baby Jesus. Sam, Uly and Belen all put their hands on his head to give him a blessing. It was too funny!

I stole this picture off of Katie's blog. We were there for a whole week and we took zero photos. That's right... ZERO.


kristina said...

what righteous boys you have, i love this picture!

Tia said...

That's awesome! The boys look great!! And your Mag and my Kota have something in common.....they've both been baby Jesus.....LOL. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. That's great..........and don't you just hate it when you don't take pictures? I'm so bad about taking my camera and forgetting it's in my purse and remembering on the way home........lol.

Trena said...

So much fun! Don't feel bad, I didn't take any pictures either! It just gets too much fun and I forget about taking pictures. Mag made the cutest baby Jesus!!

Thorey said...

I took lots of pictures and emailed you the ones I thought you'd be interested in -- let me know if you did not get them. Your boys are soooo cute, and I had so much fun with them at Christmas.

Uly and I had a great time at the Living Desert museum (I sent you those pics, right?), and I'm glad to hear Gar's arm is better. I'm in love with Mag, too -- I loved being able to put him to sleep and play with him, he's such an agreeable baby!

Pixie said...

You should have seen Trena telling me the story about the blessing. She was almost crying she was laughing so hard. Stinking cute!!