Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 Years Old!!!

Yesterday, the 30th was Ulysses' 4th birthday. I am a little bit in shock that four wonderful years have gone by already. Time flies when you are having fun, that's for sure! We had a little birthday Frunch (Thanks for the new word, Kristina!) with a handful of kids, some hot dogs, cake and a little balloon tossing mixed up with some dancing. I and more importantly Uly, thought it was really fun. He had such a great time playing with friends.

I had a fun time telling him his birth story like my mom used to do for us. Each birthday we would sit on her bed and she would tell us the story of our birth. He was riveted. It was so cute.

This photo is also showing Uly's first pet(s). He received a little fish bowl and 4 little fish. They are called Rosey Barbs. They look a little like goldfish but they are tropical.

Ben is placing his bet on a life span of 4 weeks... Gar already tried to feed them cupcakes and an apple. I changed their water today because they were all up at the top trying to suck air. 4 Weeks may be optimistic.

I have been thinking that perhaps I should get a little tank that has an errator. That might help. We'll see...

This one is just cute. I laughed really hard when I saw Uly's face. I showed it to him and we laughed together. I love silly faces!

Today we made party hats. We took two circles and stapled/glued them together to make cones. Then we decorated them with all kinds of animal (and train) stickers. They turned out great and we all had such a fun time doing it.

Just a note that these two hat pictures are little miracles. I could not get them to be any kind of still so that I could get a picture that was somewhat in focus. Funny boys!!!
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Valentina said...

I wish I could have been there...sigh. Surprizes coming soon! Love, Val

The Andersens Four said...

Happy 4th Bday Uly!! You have a matchbox car coming your way!

Pixie said...

What a fun birthday!! Are we taking bets on the fish? I think one will surprise you and live a few months!

Trena said...

I can't believe he's four either. (That's mean I've been graduated from college for 4 years!) I'm so sad I missed his party. It makes me get all teary eyed. I just love your children SO much! Give them kisses for me!

Olea Mills said...

Uly is as old as We've been married. I'll always know how lond we've been married (I'm the forgetful one)
Wait....Mom NEVER told me my birth story on my birthdays!

Janet said...

Come sit on my bed, Olea!...In fact you never sat anywhere long enough to hear it!!!!! You wiggle worm!!!!

When you move to UT I'll come sit on your bed and tell you the story...maybe you'll remember it then.