Thursday, June 02, 2011

Mr. Waffles; Our New Family Member

So we got a dog. It just happened. Kind of by default. He had three previous homes and they just didn't work out. We were going to take care of him for a few weeks before we brought him to California to a new home but now he's staying here in Utah with us. He's an adorable and sweet little dachshund and we have named him Mr. Waffles. He's kind of warry of strangers and is afraid of basketballs but for the most part he's quiet and good. We're still working on housebreaking him. He'll get it soon.

This is my very first dog experience. Ever. It's a bit different than a cat. That's for sure!

Eva Marie LOVES to hold his leash. Loves, loves, love it.

This is one of my favorite things about a dog.


Thorey said...

He is adorable. I think it is the perfct dog to have. I'm so jealous!

Nalani Mixon said...

I miss having a dog! he's sooo adorable :)

Trena said...

He is so cute! I want one too!