Friday, November 20, 2009


I have a confession.
I want to be a photographer. Not a professional photographer that takes family portraits to earn a living. However, I want to have all the equipment, a studio space and the skills necessary to do that if I wanted. I still don't want to be a professional photographer, just be good enough to be.
My dream is to have a large, airy, bright room with studio lights, backdrops and other equipment. I want a studio. I want to be good enough to warrant a studio. I want to be good enough to warrant spending hours and hours working on photography.
That's my confession.
That's my dream for today.
I was just inspired by this woman's blog. She loves to shoot film and has a simplistic beauty to her images. I really feel inspired by reading through her posts.

Have I shared my current favorite still life shot with you? I don't take many shots that don't include my children so when I got to go to SLC and play with a Lensbaby I jumped at the chance. If you read MomShots then you already read about this. I love cross posts...



Damien Franco said...

It's worth a look at getting a Lensbaby Composer for your camera. That lens has brought so much creativity to my work flow. I love it!

I think that if you have a real passion for photography you can certainly gain the knowledge and skills to have a great studio as an addition to your home. The price of entry to pro-grade equipment goes down every year.

If you like studio strobes Alien Bees are a great product at a nominal price. The rest can be had for just a few hundred total.

The skills and eye take talent, time, patience, and practice. In the end, it's all about following your passion.

Good luck.

kristina said...

awesome shot lady!!

Kiera said...

Lens babies are so cool! I don't have one myself but I always love the images I've seen others produce with them.

Isn't Alisha awesome? You know I met her at Photocamp. Another reason that was the best $10 I spent all year! I'm so glad you found her work inspiring because I do too. Not only her work inspires but her attitude toward her work. She isn't showy and doesn't need to be. It's refreshing.

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

wow, thanks kiera.

jessica, sorry this is delayed, but YES, you're pregnant, so let's be friends. Hopefully you were laughing while I talked about it being ME that was the link to all the pretty! its the motherly glow, really.

shoot me an email,