Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vaudeville is Alive!

We got to see a vaudeville show and I was able to track down a photographer who took a bunch of stunning shots from it. I had to leave with Magnus and missed the highlight of Uly's evening. Here's a glimpse of how much fun he had.



These photos were not taken by me. They were taken by Jorge Lausell.


Cutzi said...

Oh. My. Word. That guy totally goes to my church. He sat behind us yesterday morning. Crazy!

Janet said...

Well, I got to see the whole experience and Uly was quite the performer! He was definitely apprehensive about being up so high and on some strangers shoulders and then balancing, but he ended up smiling and doing the presentation/bowing bit with his arms and hands in the end and got a huge applause from the 100+ audience. In the beginning of the routine Uly was guided in standing and balancing alone on this guys back and it was very tricky and well done. I know it's going to impact him for life about his fears of height - he's a "can do" boy now. In fact, after that, he wanted to climb our ladder with Grandad's help and pick the last of my pole beans up there 12 feet high!! Right on Uly!!!

Ali said...

What is vudeville? More info! What's Uly doing up there?