Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Concert Memory

This is really here so I have a place to record the memory. There aren't any pictures to go with it. This particular memory took place probably in 2003. Just a guess on the year though.

I have gone to a bunch of fun concerts. My friends and I used to go to concerts all the time when I was in high school and college. Now that I'm an old married foggy we don't get out to them as often as I would like. Here's kind of a funny story from a really fun concert Ben and I went to:

We went to see Bad Religion about 8 years ago. I bought the tickets online and when we went to the venue we found out there was assigned seating and we had seats that were pretty high up. Not the kind we like. We also found out that you had to have a wristband (separate fee) and they were all sold out. So the show starts and Less than Jake opens for them. It was a good opening show. In one of the first songs they say to the audience, What is this? A punk rock show or what?!? Why are you all sitting up in your seats like good little boys and girls? (I'm paraphrasing here as my memory is a bit foggy).
So right after they said that we and tons of other people jump up and rush the pit. We get down there and it is a blast. We're right in the middle of it all and having a great time.
Less than Jake finishes and they clear the stage and get ready for Bad Religion. While they are doing that, the crowd monitors are walking around checking for bracelets. We hide as well as we can but there really isn't anywhere to hide so we get kicked back up to our seats.
Bad Religion starts their show and it is the mad rush all again except this time the security is all beefed up and they have these linebacker college guys standing guard and trying to keep the crowd back. My 6'4", 250 lb hubby totally gets into football mode and I just grab onto his neck and shoulders and hang on for the ride. He muscles his way through the crowd and those security chumps while I am just hanging on for dear life. He pushes through their defense and we get to enjoy the rest of the show the way punk rock shows are meant to be enjoyed - up close, sweaty and singing along as loud as you can.
It was awesome.


Trena said...

Less Than Jake is mine and Aaron's favorite band. We have seen them in concert probably 5 or 6 times together. Great story!

kristina said...

thats awesome!