Friday, November 21, 2008

Kitchen Wear

Yeah, you read the right; kitchen WEAR.  

I just saw an ad on Craigslist for kitchen wear and my first thought was that it was for something that you wear in the kitchen - maybe a cute apron or something like that.  So I was curious and checked it out.  

They are selling kitchenware.  Not kitchen wear.  It cracked me up.


kathbot said...

If you go to their blog, you can see that the thing in the lower left is a "serving bowel".

Jessica Stier said...

Ewwwww!!!! That is too funny!!!

Jessica Stier said...

Oh, I was just thinking that might be a dish on the table in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Janet said...

Dad said, "Bad speelers of the world untie!"

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