Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Question

I am curious what blogs you like to visit.  Besides family members, are there blogs that you enjoy reading regularly?  Please leave a comment and let me know what they are.


Obligatory photograph, because, well... I'm obsessed...
Uly & Gar's sandals piled up on the beach at my parent's house.

Sandals on the Beach


Trena said...

I found dooce.com from Meghan. I read her everyday. She's an ex-Mormon living in Salt Lake City with her husband and little girl. She is hilarious! Her whole family (and her husbands) is Mormon and still faithful members. She started her blog back in 2001 and got fired from her job for blogging about her co-workers. She now blogs for a living. Check her out.

For more "serious" blogs, I love Ann Coulter anncoulter.com (there is a link on my page). She's a conservative writer and her blog is hilarious, and informative. She's a lawyer who clerked for a federal judge. I love her.

Jessica Stier said...

Thanks for your response, Trena! I really appreciate it. I do know of dooce and have read her page a few times. Personally, I don't enjoy reading her site because it seems like she tries way to hard to assert that she is an EX-Mormon. But whatever. I do totally admire what she's done with her site and that she can support her family with it. I think that is really cool.

I haven't seen Ann Coulter's site. I'll check it out.

I am not planning on telling everyone who responds why the blogs they read aren't any good. Really! I just couldn't resist throwing out my $.02 about Dooce. This is actually a realization I came to on Sunday while I was reading her site.

Please let me know if there are any other blogs you read. Please, please, please!!!
Thanks! :)

Trena said...

I totally understand about Dooce. Sometimes I have to take a break from her because of the jabs she gives. I try not to read the ones where she talks about Mormons. And she's a little dramatic. Other than that, I really don't read any other blogs. I'm too busy trying to catch up on all of the blogs on my blog roll! Everyone has a blog now! Aaron has a few blogs he reads, I'll ask him about it and let you know!! :)

charrette said...

Twas Brillig and Temporary?Insanity are two of my favorites. A new delight is SeriouslySoBlessed... It's as funny as dooce, but not foul-mouthed or anti-. Just goodnaturedly parodying the culture.

Jessica Stier said...

Thanks so much!!! I've got a few new favs now!

heather said...

I too am a fan of Twas Brillig and Temporary?Insanity.
I also read Navel Gazing at it's Finest - Sue is HILARIOUS.
Hadleyesque and
The Lawsons did Dallas
(can you tell I'm a junkie?)
Thank you for visiting my site and commenting, wishing Asher a happy birthday. Yes it does go fast. Sort of. :)
I know I'll look back and know it did go super fast.
You have beautiful kids!

Rachael said...

I love http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ where people mail in a post card with a secret and they display it on the blog. Also the Coterie http://themildensteins.blogspot.com/. Although she is my sisters sis in law so technically family. But she always has good style ideas and funny videos. I also have a guilty pleasure of reading maddox.xmission.com. He has really dirty humor but he's so funny.
I'm and ex Mormon and even I think Dooce pushes the issue too much.I also don't understand why her site is so popular. Sure she is witty but there are so many witty blogs out there. She just bugs me I guess. Especially when CNN had her on a panel to decide who the Times person of the year would be. I just don't think she is influential enough to be a part of that. She blogs about her kid and her bowl movements. Seems pretty unremarkable to me.
Sorry for the rant!

Pixie said...

As you read, I read Dooce. She really got me started on blog hunting.

I occasionally read holaisabel.com. She is LDS but doesn't really talk about church at all... stumbled upon her through a BlogHer site or something. She's really funny & from Seattle I think so you might like her. :)

I also read Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper religiously. She's had quite a lot of life happen to her and she writes about her life and kids. Recently, she had a breakdown & had to check herself into a hospital for a bit. She started talking about her visit in the "Crazy Chronicles" which has turned into a sort of biography of why she thinks she's so screwed up. I respect her more and more everyday for her strength. She's also very funny. Email me if you want me to link you to my favorite posts of hers. She has a teenage son and quite the sense of humor!

I also read Post Secret every week and have one of their books. I hope to eventually get the rest of them. Fantastic site!

I also read Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures. It's a site similar to Found but the idea is that people post a couple pictures from a camera or memory card they've found in hopes of reuniting it with the owner. It's a Post Secret spin off. They've had a lot of success actually. Fun to watch!

Rachel J. said...


This woman recently visited my blog and so I checked out her blog. She is LDS and in India doing humanitarian work...maybe serving a mission...not exactly sure. She blogs about the most amazing experiences of these meek people in the leprosy colonies, etc. Touching. You should check it out.

There was this girl who spoke at a Women's conf. Who is pretty funny and good with words. Lots of stuff about her family...but some about her quirky side.

Visit my blog comments and pass along some you like...