Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fish Update

Due to a comment I just received, I realized I have not updated the fish story.

All four died. They have been replaced.

Long version:
Three died the night after I posted about them. Ben and I walked into the kitchen and I saw two were floating. I scooped them out and then shortly a third rolled over and floated to the top. The last fish put up a good fight. He was around for a few more days then he also gave up, rolled over and floated to the top.

I took Uly to the store and we picked out four new fish. This time there were some $.10 feeder goldfish available so we got those. They should be more prone to a longer life. Carp are tough fish. They are also not tropical fish.

I guess I had a momentary lapse of reason thinking that tropical fish would survive. I mean, I live in Utah. It has been snowing daily for the past two weeks. Ding-Dong! You're not in San Diego anymore, Toto!!!

The boys handled the fish deaths really well. I told them that their fish would die one day and when that happened we'd get new ones.


Thorey said...

Really, the best way to deal with the deaths of pets in a healthy way is to have a bunch of pets that die as a kid. It helps you to appreciate the fungibility of pets "when these fish die, we'll get 4 new ones." And it's not that I don't love pets -- I do love them. I loved Fancy and Biff and Teddy and Nick, they were all wonderful and fun and I loved them. But I always understood they were animals, not people, and so I was never sad for an unreasonable amount of time after they died. So, my whole point is that I think you're doing a great job in making your kids emotionally healthy! :)

BTW, where is a picture of my Magnus?? Does he miss me??

Kristina said...

Im glad they handled it well, and you are too hillarious!
now did I hear that you are flying home on a private jet???? little miss fancy pants!!

Bill and Alice Johnson said...

Yes, goldfish can be very resilient. I won one at the Del Mar Fair when I was a kid and it lived in dirty water (my fault) for SO long! I enjoy your blogspot! Keep tracking us, as I will soon have more to report!

Pixie said...

Oh well for the fish. I'm glad they handed the deaths really well. Thorey's right, it's good for kids to get it. :D