Friday, September 21, 2007


This is my third layout, but I feel like it's really my second. My real second was just a page that has Mag's birth story on it. Nothing fancy.

So I'm looking at this and I think it looks kind of flat but I don' think it looks too bad for a beginner. I'm going to work on Uly's birth next.

edit... I think I'm going to change this one a bit. I want to switch the location of the before and after pictures, just kind of toggeling them. I think before needs to be at the top.
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Trena said...

It's so good Jess. It's also so much fun to see Garland as a little baby! What a cutie. You are doing a great job with the LO. I think it flows nicely and I like the before and after shots.

Pixie said...

Love it! You're a natural! :D